Lanikai Pillboxes


If you take H3 all the way to Kailua you'll get to a neighborhood where you can park your car and walk up a steep hill to reach the Lanikai Pillbox hike.

Everyone says to go on this hike for sunrise. The sun rises from the water and lights up all of Kailua with a fiery glow.

To me, the time to go is actually at sunset. The sun disappears behind the mountains and the sky turns pink and purple. I have enjoyed this hike many different times in the day with different people. If you were lucky enough to go on this hike then you understand why it's my favorite.

The sunset at Lanikai is the collective exhale that the mountains, ocean, and sun let out before turning in for the night.

In that moment I always find myself at peace.

"Travel far enough, you meet yourself"



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